.what we do?

There is no space or time to work in silos and separated teams. We create integrated and creative approaches in collaboration with: Business, Marketing and Communication, Technology and Innovation.

Collaboration is the starting point.

.how we do it?

We work with brands and organizations that seek to explore value, evolving in different ways and ambitions.


Relations in order to maximize revenues, preserving the business and the existing value chain.


The future of the organization through trends that emerge from the new normal.


New operating and relationship scenarios based on opportunities that arise from behavior changes and/ or the best practices of the market.



Transformation: culture, talent and skills
Digitalization: brand, business, product
Digital Strategy: product, channels, activation
Omni-Channel Experience
Data Driven Insights
Employer Branding


Experience: digital first, digital only, seamless
Content strategy
Content & Social
Customer experience


Digital Tools: e-commerce, portals, collaborative tools
Emerging technology: AI, robotics, AR/VR
"ALLEX" is New Normal's most recent service focused on Experience - Customer Experience, User Experience, Human Experience, Creative Experience, Interactive Experience and Immersive Experience. Based on an Agile model, it develops ideas and projects with digital and creative expertise.
We believe that by opening this process, through outsourcing and giving support to in-housing, we'll extend and transform collaboratively the digital and creative skills of your brand, company, event or digital activation.
Want to invite ALLEX to create new experiences?



Hybrid models that allow the best of both worlds: the in-house, which responds quickly to projects and the outsourcing, with the expertise and flexibility of an external team.


An ecosystem of companies with multidisciplinary technological and creative solutions tailored to projects/sprints.


Test-and-learn approach in the search for innovation and results.

Agility is the basis of the operation.



A New Normal tem o prazer de pertencer ao grupo New Anderthal.

Seeing a world of opportunities ahead of you?

It's normal.

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