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Digital Transformation
through creativity
and technology.

New Normal is a consultive and creative agency with a technological drive.

Mixing strategic, creative, and engineering DNA, we help companies face transformation challenges, from business to experience.

What we do.


Identify and understand the challenge

Know how to look beyond the “now” (brief). We begin by understanding the business challenge and the marketing plan, which allows us to reach key moments of communication, brand experience, and tech solutions that may be outside the traditional scope of a creative agency and a tech company.


Create/develop with the focus in people

In addition to defining KPIs, we believe that business development and differentiated communication is achieved through creative approaches and solutions driven by human-centric design. Our company proudly houses a Center of Excellence in UX/UI, ensuring our commitment to delivering exceptional user experiences.


Gather management and technical expertise

The ability to assemble competencies according to specific project requirements is our strength. We are consistently driven to improve and learn through collaboration and complete transparency. Furthermore, we excel in the technological aspect, particularly in the implementation of state-of-the-art marketing automation tools, elevating our project capabilities to new heights.

Who we are.

Meet the NewNormals, generated by AI prompts

Elisabete Ferreira
Founder & CEO
João Sanches
Head of Growth
Luis Fernandes
Co-Founder & Business Advisor
Matilde Mustra
Content & Project Manager
Luis Santos
Co-Founder &
Technological Advisor
Mafalda Jesus
Art Director
Nuno Lourenço
Head of Creative Experience
Joana Filipe
Digital Designer

What makes us different.


CMOs seek to create more collaborative relationships with agencies and other teams within the company. The goal is to increase efficiency and improve communication and experience alignment.

Hybrid Models

Combine the benefits of in-housing and outsourcing to build tailor-made projects. More agile and intelligent projects for a unified message, with lower costs and the same level of effectiveness.

Efficiency & Creativity

Efficiency and creativity are no longer seen like worlds apart. More than ever, brands are looking to gain control of their message, customer experience, deliver products and services through direct-to-consumer platforms. Likewise, they are looking for new, more efficient media models.

Transformation focused on the experience

A single campaign based on a big idea does not support an organization or a marketing cycle. The growing focus on customer experience excellence is transforming technology and the data landscape.