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Decskill. We are all made of Stars. Christmas Party 2023.

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Decskill, a leading Portuguese IT firm, confronts the challenge of connecting with employees who mainly work at client sites due to its outsourcing model. To bridge this gap, the company hosts various events during the year, but "the one" is the Christmas Party, pivotal in fostering unity and creating lasting memories. As Decskill ventures towards internationalization, it was important to celebrate and recognize first the essential contributions within its existing staff of today's success.
The event, themed "We are all made of Stars," transformed the venue into a glamorous Hollywood-like setting. Everyone invited should feel like if they were on an Oscar-Night experience. It featured a blue carpet entrance, star-themed decor with various photo and video spots: A photowall made of 2400 blue sequins, a magazine setup where they could be star on the cover and a digital 'Walk of Fame' showcasing every employee.
During the event there were lots of surprises starting with the celebrity host, Catarina Furtado (the face of the famous portuguese show "Chuva de Estrelas"), and finishing with the highlight of the evening, a surprise concert by Dino d’Santiago (afro-portuguese artist that was perfect to reflect Decskill’s global ambitions).
The night’s centerpiece for the company was the Decskill Star Awards, honoring teams and individuals with custom star trophies designed and produced exclusively and especially for the event.
In the end, the celebration concluded with a memorable gift: blue All-Star sneakers (the company’s color), which made huge sucess at the moment but also became a social media sensation, shared by every employee.
The party not only saw a 40% increase in attendance and an 8% rise in social media engagement but also garnered highly positive feedback from employees, who valued both the recognition and the unforgettable memories created by Decskill.