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Decskill. Hello World! Christmas Party 2022.

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After the previous success we were invited again to create Decskill’s Christmas Party in 2022.
The company had just expanded business to Madrid, Spain.
They were hiring more international people than ever, setting a new record of different nationalities working in Portugal. With this global mindset and since Decskill outsources developers as the core-business, the concept of the party had to be the famous coding expression: “Hello World”.
We took everyone on a trip around the globe without leaving ground. Held in a perfect location, an open warehouse, full of concrete, we created a travel-themed party.
At the arrival, the departure. :) We built an airport departures look-alike, where the guests could make the check-in, drop their luggage/bags and get a passport for the “trip”.

After departing, they could party in 5 different ambiences, one for each continent, where they could eat, drink and dance, iconic flavors, cocktails and songs from several geographies around the world:
Tomatito - European Bistro
Route 62 - North American Diner
Brasa - South American Cantina
Waka Waka - African Restaurant
Kang Aru - Asian Chophouse & Australian BBQ
360º - World Lounge & Cocktail Bar

In the end, at the departure of the party, the arrival. :) At the exit, the former entrance check-in was converted into a kind of Customs. For each tasting the guest earned a passport stamp and the Customs certified the completion of the passport (everyone got it by far!). Upon the completion, each guest got Decskill’s Christmas gift, a branded travel suitcase, for their own globetrotting.
We were told that everyone has a baggage full of memories from that party.
Hello world party 1
Hello world party 2
Hello world party america
Hello world party asia
Hello world party italia
Hello world party