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Eurosport. The Olympic Banners.

DesignRich Media
Eurosport / Discovery
After a year of delay due to Covid, Tokyo 2020 turned into Tokyo 2021, and Eurosport – The home of the Olympics needed to create awareness and a refreshed hype around the Games.
Inspired not only by the sports of the Tokyo Olympics, but also by that country's historical relationship with the gaming universe, we created The Olympic Banners.
Designed from scratch, pixel-by-pixel, we built a Rich Media campaign with programmatic, where each user (can we say athlete?) could, in an intuitive and fun way, participate in Olympic events:

- Athletics, as it is perhaps the most iconic event in the competition.
By clicking on the up arrow (button or keyboard) the character jumped over the barriers.
- Surfing, as it is the Olympic debut of this sport.
By clicking on the up and down arrows (buttons or keyboard) the character avoided floating obstacles.
- Canoeing, as it was one of the last medals that Portugal won in previous Games.
The faster the alternating left and right clicks (buttons or keyboard), the faster the character rowed.

Displayed on the main Portuguese websites, especially sports ones, this campaign generated “Olympic” awareness and engagement, with practically half a million people impacted and an average of 4 minutes of interaction per game.

In the end, the results couldn't be better: Eurosport channels broke all audience records.

A campaign that definitely deserved a gold medal.