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Decskill. The Code.

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What if a corporate event was actually a fitness class? What if an energetic juice, with a unique recipe of ingredients, translated the company's Employee Value Proposition (EVP)?
After a rebranding process, which included an employer branding strategy, New Normal was briefed to create an internal event to share Decskill's new EVP.
However, instead of doing it through a traditional presentation/meeting, we decided to share this code of values through a unique event, an immersive, different and more fun experience.
What was the best place to present this new code of company values? In a place called The Code, of course.
This boutique gym created adaptations of its group classes so that each one represented one of Decskill's values: Participants gave meaning to the word “Collaboration” by pedaling together to achieve a goal, they learned about “Transparency ” when doing physical exercises in front of mirrors, they discovered the “Innovation” of walking/running on a treadmill powered by their own body weight, among others.
All these values were exercised in the “company” of actor Ivo Canelas, which made the experience even more immersive. During the exercises, participants listened to his voice presenting each value.
At the end, the last surprise: the official juice of the event, which restored energy to all employees. Here too, each ingredient in the recipe was inspired by Decskill's values. For example, “Experience” was given by pineapple, which is known to always be a hit in juices. The “Growth” came through ginger, an antioxidant boost. Lemon juice, the perfect analogy for “Collaboration”, because being an acidic element, it balanced the sweet and improved “the juice as a whole”. “Transparency” was represented by water, of course.
The juice was offered in a personalized bottle with the recipe, so that each employee could replicate it at home, but even better, today it has become Decskill's official juice.
A day that was a success, as it showed that in a business event, you can also work out your body and mind.
The code event