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Heineken. F1 back to Portugal.

Heineken (in partnership with H2N)
To celebrate the return of the F1 grand prix to Portugal after 24 years we created a film in Cross-Media format, with David Coulthard, a former F1 driver.
Because he had his first F1 career victory in Portugal, he was chosen to reveal the GP Trophy at the launch event of the Heineken F1 Grande Prémio de Portugal, surprising all the media and special guests.
Filmed virtually live, we shot all the action since the first minute of the driver's arrival at the airport in Portugal, his journey through Lisbon on his way to the event location and displayed it as a regular video content during the event… Since the acting seemed that the driver wouldn’t arrive the event on time, everyone was expecting to see the Trophy only in the video… but suddenly it stops… and surprise! David Coulthard enters in person with the real Trophy.
Everyone got to interact and take some photos with both David and the Trophy.
A film that was initially meant to be seen on all digital screens, but which ended up being experienced “off them” as well.